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bgset(1) General Commands Manual bgset(1)

desktop background tool

bgset -n | [
] file [

bgset sets the desktop background to the specified image(s). Different background modes (center, fill, scale, tile) are supported, as well as multi-monitor setups.
The background of each screen is set by specifying a filename and (optionally) a background mode. If no mode is given, the previous one is used. The default mode is -f. Unspecified screens (either by using -n or by giving less filenames on the command line than the number of screens) are not changed. If the screen geometry has changed since the last bgset call, the entire desktop background is cleared before applying the new settings.
Available command line options are described below. Their upper-case counterparts have the same effects, but disable Xinerama (i.e. they draw on the entire root window).
Center the image on the screen.
Scale and crop the image to fill the screen (without borders).
Skip the current screen.
Scale the image to fit the screen (with borders).
Tile the image on the screen.
Filename of the background image.

Set the background of the first screen to image.png. Draw it centered.
bgset -c image.png
Set the first screen's background to image1.png (tiled), leave the second screen unchanged and set the background of the third screen to image3.png (scaled).
bgset -t image1.png -n -s image3.png

display(1), feh(1), xsetroot(1)

Lukas Hofmann <lukas [AT] usrlib [DOT] de>
March 23, 2018 OpenBSD 6.4