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Repository for various helper scripts.
A Makefile for installing all scripts to /usr/local/ is included.

===== cdtags =====

Helper script for ripping audio CDs with cdio(1) and encoding them with flac(1).
CD tags can be fetched with ``cdtags get > tags''. After ripping and encoding,
they can be written to the FLAC files with ``cdtags write < tags''. This command
also renames the files according to the tags.

Note that most of the time the resulting tags have to be adjusted in some way or
another, so be sure to check the content of the tags file before applying them.

A manpage with further details is provided.

===== dwm-panel-updater =====

Minimal panel text for dwm. Includes time and battery state.

===== mp =====

Simple client for the music player daemon mpd(1). Provides a command line
interface for interactive use and a set of commands for modifying the playlist
and controlling playback.

===== pwget =====

Plain-text, GPG-encrypted password database.

===== shared =====

File synchronization script using rsync.